Why Visual Merchandising Is Important for Your Product

RPG - Visual Merchandising for your Retail ProductYou designed a phenomenal product with exceptional formulas and ingredients, beautiful packaging and a distinctive logo that will speak to the customer. You have raised money, taken out a second mortgage and done whatever you could to find enough capital to bring your product to market. You have meticulously mapped out your advertising and PR, your social media and your distribution. You have the meeting with your dream buyer.

So now what? After all of this love, devotion, work and financial resources, should your product go and sit on the shelf without any retail presence?

I don’t think so.

As there is with all aspects of product development, there is a true art and methodology to supporting your product in the retail environment. By following a few key steps, defining your DNA, and choosing the right visual merchandising team, any brand can elevate its product at the point of sale, cut through the clutter, engage the consumer and increase sales. I do believe it is all about the product and that is exactly where you start. It just cannot be where you end.

The Questions

  • What makes you unique- who are you and what do you stand for?
  • Where do you see yourself in the marketplace and who is your competition?
  • What is the narrative of the brand/ Is your story compelling, emotional, relatable or aspirational?
  • When you remove your product from a tester display, a fixture or an environment, can you still identify your brand?

The Answers

  • Work with the right company who understands purchasing behaviors and consumer trends. Find a partner who will take the time to learn about your product, your brand and the story you want to communicate.
  • Consistency… Consistency… Consistency/ Your visual assets should speak the same language at each and every touch point: No Exceptions.
  • Establish your visual language and recognizable visual equities/This includes color, texture, form and materials that are unique to our brand.
  • Know the needs and wants of your retail partners.
  • Make the shopping experience effortless, informative and entertaining.

Establishing your brand in the retail environment is essential to the brand’s success. Be strong, be interruptive, be thoughtful and be proactive. Most of us still want to shop: It is up to you and your visual merchandising team to make us love to shop.