Sunday Riley

RPG is proud to be a part of one of the most talked about cosmetic and skincare launches this Fall. Sunday Riley has created a luxury line that addresses both science and beauty -– a marriage between botanicals and biotechnology. Through exceptional product quality achieved by using only the purest ingredients, the beauty editors of every major magazine have featured Sunday Riley as a favorite. 
Sunday called upon the expertise of RPG in the world of beauty to design and manufacture a full line tester display that communicates the true luxury and exceptional quality of her product. The unit needed to be functional for the makeup artist but also function as a “self-serve” unit for a customer who wants to explore the brand on their own. The displays are made of chunky black and clear acrylic that artfully showcases the product mix and allows for the flexibility of a growing brand. The subtle use of gold adds light to the monolithic structures and reflects the details of the product.
RPG is currently working with the Sunday Riley team to help realize the vision of the skincare line at retail and is looking forward to being a part of the brand’s growing distribution in 2012 and beyond.

Follow this link to see our Sunday Riley project summary.