RPG Sponsors The Fragrance Foundation’s 2013 Indie Award

For the second year in a row, RPG was honored to be the lead sponsor for The Fragrance Foundation’s 2013 Indie Award, which celebrates indie brands for their unique and artistic fragrance launches.

The presentation was held in January as part of the Elements Showcase, an event and tradeshow for scented and design products. Curated to present the most innovative in the industry- from emerging and established brands, buyers and leaders-this two day event is unlike any other in the world of beauty.

In addition to presenting the 2013 Indie Award to Amber Oud by Kilian, CEO Bruce Teitelbaum spoke with attendees about RPG’s journey as an indie company to an industry leader:

“Twenty-one years ago, when I started RPG, we were considered a small indie company.  Design, development and manufacturing of displays fixtures and retails environments were a good match for many industry beauty and fragrance brands.  Creativity, innovation and a unique point of view were the values we lived by.  Young and hungry, possessing a strong entrepreneurial spirit, there was nothing we were afraid to try.  These values help to separate us from larger companies that were unable to think so nimbly and react so quickly to what our clients and retail partners were looking for….

Well, a lot has changed over the past 21 years. Now a global design and manufacturing firm employing 100’s of people though North America, Canada, Europe and Asia, we have grown to be leaders within our business category.  But at the same time that so much has changed, so much has remained the same.  Our core indie values are ones we have never let go off. They are the pulse and livelihood of RPG.  In today’s market place, the young creative spirit seen tonight in so many amazing brands will help to get you noticed.  As your brands grow, work hard to hold on to that spirit, it will make a world of a difference in creating longevity and a loyal following.”

With roots as an indie company, RPG is dedicated to supporting new brands as they develop in the marketplace and are honored to again be part of this special award. We congratulate Kilian on their win and cheer on all the innovators in attendance.

RPG Sponsors The Fragrance Foundation’s 2013 Indie Award