RPG “on air” with Jessica Liebeskind

RPG was proud to be “on air” with Jessica Liebeskind, world-class product developer and established make-up artist. VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind launched on the HSN Beauty Report on January 1, 2015. The brand combines Jessica’s passion for detailed workmanship, discerning eye for color and unrivaled expertise in formulating magnificent textures. The result: A truly artisanal color cosmetics collection.

RPG “on air” with Jessica Liebeskind - PRIMARY IMAGE

The highlighter tester displays designed and manufactured by RPG, reinforced her quality products, professional brushes, and artful packaging that offer an indulgent experience at non-designer price points. Every aspect of VINTAGE exudes Jessica’s stylish-but-practical beauty perspective, offering everyday opulence to women.

RPG “on air” with Jessica Liebeskind - TEAM IMAGE