Why Visual Merchandising Is Important for Your Product

RPG - Visual Merchandising for your Retail Product

You designed a phenomenal product with exceptional formulas and ingredients, beautiful packaging and a distinctive logo that will speak to the customer. You have raised money, taken out a second mortgage and done whatever you could to find enough capital to bring your product to market. You have meticulously mapped out your advertising and PR, [...]

Meet Leonard Camposano: RPG’s Newest Executive Director of Retail Design & Construction

Leonard Camposano

With experience designing everything from retail and public locations to corporate offices and residences, Leonard Camposano has a bigger vision when it comes to creating space. Our newest Executive Director of Retail Design and Construction, Leonard brings his expertise as a registered architecture and experienced interior design to RPG’s already stellar manufacturing reputation. Working with [...]

Inspired by Justin Bieber


Working on Justin Bieber’s second fragrance has been quite the exciting venture. I’ve loved the energy and youth-culture floating around the office. On top of it all, I had the privilege of attending Justin Bieber’s private concert at The Apollo Theater on June 18, 2012. Along with three of my children, I was treated to [...]

Indie Brands Are Our Future


As a key sponsor of the 2012 FiFi® “Indie” Awards ceremony, RPG believes in supporting and developing the leaders of tomorrow. The indie category is one close to our hearts and a concept we have supported throughout our history. Twenty-one years ago, when I started The Royal Promotion Group, now known as RPG, we were [...]

Design Collaboration Between RPG and Benefit Cosmetics


Ashley Dionne of RPG discusses the design collaboration between RPG and Benefit cosmetics:  

Welcome to Our New Website


We are excited to have a new platform to share the RPG experience. As we look back on two successful decades, we anticipate an exciting future with a new name and a continued passion and dedication to approaching and forming the retail experience. We have gained the partnership of some of the most respected companies [...]

CEW Awards


Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW) is a nonprofit professional organization with over 4,000 executives, both women and men, in the beauty, cosmetics, fragrance and related industries. CEW is based in New York City, NY, and it has associated organizations in France and the United Kingdom.

 CEW’s mission is to develop the leadership potential of their [...]

Clarisonic Merchandising Immersion


Each fall Clarisonic invites RPG to Partner’s Day, a conference that includes the brands’ advertising, social media, public relations and, of course, merchandising partners. The goal of this two-day conference is to review the past years endeavors and to strategize for the next. The team at RPG believes it is paramount to attend this event [...]