RPG Designs & Builds Scent Event for Macy’s Herald Square

RPG created an entirely new and innovative pop-up retail fragrance experience for Macy’s Herald Square, the World’s largest department store. Macy’s selected RPG to design and build Scent Event, an interactive and dynamic consumer focused in-store  fragrance experience in collaboration with The Fragrance Foundation and four leading fragrances houses: Firmenich, Givaudan, Symrise, and International Flavors & Fragrances. On March 29th, Macy’s Scent Event debuted in store bringing sensory and fragrance engagement to life through an “Only at Macy’s” unique and immersive fragrance destination.

The Scent Event provides Macy’s customers with an exciting opportunity to educate, explore, and immerse themselves in the world of scent. The core of the pop-up is dedicated to Match Your Mood where customers are invited into sensory pods that gently engulf them in fragrance, video, and ambient sound. Interactive scent panels are situated across from the sensory pods to reinforce the Match Your Mood experience, amidst the iconic Scent Event floral fragrance bottle.

Scent & The Senses features an immersive passageway through which customers not only smell, but also visually experience the aromatic elements of Top, Heart, and Base notes. An interactive world ingredient map focuses on gourmand, floral, and spice fragrances from around the globe, offering a captivating education on ingredient sourcing.

The Perfumer as Artist space gives prominence to the fine art of perfumery through video that features personal interviews where perfumers openly discuss their inspiration and connection to the world of scent. Informative graphic panels and fun facts serve to surprise and inform the Macy’s customer while molecule scent panels enforce the beautiful, scientific side of perfume mastery.

“RPG is thrilled to apply our retail design vision and manufacturing expertise to Macy’s groundbreaking Scent Event. Macy’s objective to showcase a truly unique fragrance experience provided optimal inspiration for RPG to bring our best talent and practices to the project,” said Bruce E. Teitelbaum, CEO of RPG.

“Creativity, collaboration  & technical design expertise were key drivers that RPG provided in the creation of  Macy’s Scent Event at Herald Square. The result is a fantastic innovative installation that provides unique educational customer experiences focusing on the artistry & storytelling of fragrances at our flagship store,” said Linda G. Levy, Omni GVP/DMM Fragrances at Macy’s Inc.

To further elevate the sensorial experience of Scent Event, RPG partnered with several key collaborators. BigEyedWish, a global network of best-in-class creative thinkers, directors and producers, managed all video production. Scent Marketing Inc., a full service scent and sensory marketing company, ensured the integrity and authenticity of the Pop-Up experience with just the right balance of fragrance notes played perfectly on the right scent diffusion equipment. Arcade Beauty, a leader in beauty and wellness sampling systems, also lent their expertise to help bring Scent Event to life.

RPG’s integration of  modern design aesthetic and interactive consumer engagement position Macy’s Scent Event as a brand new concept in the fragrance industry. “Our goal is to reinforce Macy’s omni channel strategy through an in-store fragrance experience that delights and educates customers, encourages them to linger and share their Scent Event experience on social media,” said Karla Lopez, Creative Director, RPG. The timing of Macy’s Scent Event was planned to align with  Macy’s Flower Show, the store’s seasonal celebration of Spring, which has delighted generations of floral aficionados for decades. The Scent Event is a perfect complement to over-the-top presentations of lavish gardens, live flowers, plants and trees from around the globe.