RPG Designs and Builds the new Men’s Ray-Ban Shop at Bloomingdales, 59th Street

RPG is proud to announce the completion and opening of a sunglass boutique for Ray-Ban Sunglasses at Bloomingdales Flagship store, 1000 Third Avenue, New York City. RPG’s CEO, Bruce E. Teitelbaum, noted “Customization of retail environments is critical for the success of brands in a department store setting. In order to give brands a personal identity and get them noticed, designers must continue to the push the envelope and develop unique ideas.”

The boutique is the first to incorporate multiple scrolling electronic ticker signs that add movement and excitement and identifies the different categories of frames for easier navigation. The messaging can be easily updated to modify the copy, color, and tempo.

The new boutique includes overhead illuminated signage, a polarized video display, mirrors and will carry multiple collections offered by Ray-Ban. The use of powder coated steel, custom painted glass and clear acrylic creates a contemporary modern appearance that further reinforces Ray-Ban’s commitment to quality, technology and contemporary style.

Retail Displays by RPG - Ray-Ban eyewear display by RPG for Bloomingdales