FaceGym Shop-in-Shop

Project Summary

FaceGym Founder Inge Theron set out to create an affordable, effective alternative to Botox or a facelift. Combining her studies of face massage and muscle stimulation with insight from a global network of wellness experts she created FaceGym – a non-invasive workout targeting the forgotten 40 muscles of the face.

RPG was proud to partner with the London based company, while they made their US debut at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City at its New York flagship store in May 2018. The FaceGym location is part of Saks’ recently-remodeled 32,000-square-foot second-floor beauty space.

The space showcases an immersive beauty experience which includes services for face muscle fitness, customizing product and retail.  The location is built with an array of materials including recycled plastics, brass, concrete plank flooring, solid wood countertops for an overall look that is reminiscent of an environmentally friendly boutique style gym.