EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh Shop-in-Shop

Project Summary

Eric Buterbaugh is a Los Angeles based lifestyle brand with a focus on florals, fragrance, and candles. Over the top yet tasteful, glamourous yet refined, Eric Buterbaugh is a portfolio of brands rooted in heritage, loved by celebrity, and crafted by way of floral obsession.

As Saks is evolving the way customers shop and experience beauty, RPG partnered with EB Florals, exclusive to Saks in the NYC area, to launch a 800-square-foot space that sells the full line of personal and home fragrances along with a flower shop, where customers can procure handtied coordinating bouquets. “The idea of being able to gift the fragrance and bouquet is quite special,” said the brand’s cofounder and CEO Fabrice Croise. “Saks is merging service and product in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

The shop features a mid-century modern eclectic luxurious look that takes cues from Los Angeles style with a concrete porcelain tile, custom wallpaper, concrete countertops and metal window screens, gold laminate a true juxtaposition of rough and refined 

The new beauty shops are strategically placed and house over 30 skin and beauty brands with over 800 products. With large lightboxes and video, playful tester displays with open-sell merchandise as well as play stations and grab and go units, this fresh environment provides space for the consumer to shop, discover and play. The ‘glowhaus’ environment encourages a cross-shopping experience and introduces trends and exciting new brands to discover. The environment will provide a new experience for a discerning shopper craving a more interactive in-store experience.