lune + aster Full Line Tester Display

Project Summary

As Bluemercury’s propriety color brand ambassadors, the lune + aster team proposed highly specific KPIs that RPG met or exceeded. These include but are not limited to:  a display that is dominant in luxurious look/feel, size and branding; optimal durability; maximum updatability; space for messaging and education; and the inclusion of a mirror to encourage consumers to linger among the product line.

The modular units were manufactured in China with a polished stainless and pearl white steel base support, white glossy lacquered headers, dimensional logo on front and silk-screened logo on back of main header, magnetic graphic header on left module, mirror header on right module, updatable trays, templates and underlays. The mascara towers were manufactured in polished stainless-steel cladding with pearl white steel and product holders that fit a variety of mascara components/shapes for future launches. The templates and underlays are also updatable for seasonal story-telling.

In collaboration with Bloomingdale’s, RPG designed, engineered, manufactured and installed a new beauty space targeted to the millennial shopper. 

The new beauty shops are strategically placed and house over 30 skin and beauty brands with over 800 products. With large lightboxes and video, playful tester displays with open-sell merchandise as well as play stations and grab and go units, this fresh environment provides space for the consumer to shop, discover and play. The ‘glowhaus’ environment encourages a cross-shopping experience and introduces trends and exciting new brands to discover. The environment will provide a new experience for a discerning shopper craving a more interactive in-store experience.