Glo Skin Beauty Skincare and Cosmetic Display and Lipstick Tower

Project Summary

Glo Skin Beauty is a one-stop shop for the maintenance of healthy, beautiful skin with a full offering of skincare and makeup products for the beauty professional and her clientele.  Glo views “makeup as an extension of skincare.” Its formula for healthy, beautiful skin is the combination of: regular glo professional skincare treatments (i.e. facials) + at-home glo skincare + glo skin nourishing makeup. 

Manufactured in RPG’s facility in China and distributed throughout the globe, the displays will feature a modified assortment to introduce the brand to clients in spas and salons and will be used during consultation and application. The displays are manufactured in a combination of fabricated acrylic and injection-molded plastic and use the mix of gloss and matte finishes to create additional interest while maintaining a modern and clean aesthetic.