Surratt Beauty

Suttatt Full Line Tester_1600


Suttatt Full Line Tester_Angle_1600

Project Summary

RPG is honored to be Surratt Beauty’s trusted partner, creating the brand’s retail presence for for one of the beauty industry’s most sought-after and respected makeup artists, Troy Surratt.

Troy has worked with RPG since he launched his brand, and the need for a full line tester display grew with the expansion of his cosmetics line. Easy to update and flexible to merchandise, the display’s modern, sleek design beautifully complements Surratt’s range of bespoke products. Gloss black lacquered wood, matte black acrylic, and chrome accents enrich Surratt’s chic and luxurious brand identity. Manufactured in RPG’s facility in China and distributed throughout the globe, the display enhances the transcendent quality of the brand’s collection.