La Prairie Full Line Tester Display

La Prairie Full Line Tester Display - RPG Retail Designs

Project Summary

The objective of the program was to introduce a new family of displays globally to test and highlight the full range of products in a fashion that emphasizes the beauty and innovation of the brand, while navigating customers to the specific collection that best suits their skincare needs.

RPG designed a family of permanent displays to test and highlight La Prairie’s full range of luxury skincare and color cosmetics, while clearly identifying the various collections and their benefits and points of difference. The displays are modular and able to live alone or in a series on the counter. Product is organized and presented in collection sets, with flexibility for future updates and additions to the collections. Illumination is suggested to highlight the brand, showcase the product.
RPG aimed to highlight the innovation and elegance of the La Prairie brand by creating a series of structures that are architectural, functional and unlike any other display in the marketplace. The family consists of six displays, each able to live alone or side by side.

LED illuminated headers, individual modules and drawer fronts add to the beauty of the structures. Within each display, the various collections are organized onto LED illuminated modules, allowing the customer to easily identify the best collection for her skin type. All wiring and hardware are concealed within the display. A major innovation is the elimination of wires and hardware. All templates and signs signs can be updateable independently of one another, providing maximum flexibility for future updates. Product templates in the drawers expand the capacity of the displays and are also updateable.

RPG employed a variety of materials, each chosen for its specific attributes, both functional and aesthetic. Materials include MDF, steel, clear and frosted fabricated acrylic, aluminum, LED lights and LCD monitors. Processes include fabrication, injection moldering, metal extruding, laser cutting, anodizing, painting, silk-screening, and digital printing.