Pop-Up Peel Bar at Saks Designed and Built by RPG

Following a successful pop-up concept last fall, BeautyRx’s Peel Bar by Dr. Neal Shultz set up shop in Saks Fifth Avenue New York for a limited time.  The Peel Bar was designed and built by RPG and features four peel stations in a mobile service bar. As well as offering peels, the bar features select merchandise for sale.

BeautyRx’s Peel Bar offers the noted Upper East Side dermatologist’s most popular lunchtime skin fix, a professional strength peel, in less than 10 minutes.

“The glycolic peel is the workhorse of all the non-invasive services offered by Dr. Schultz. It’s been an insider secret for about a decade and is known to be the quickest way to get a glow with no downtime or irritation,” said Stuart Schultz, head of marketing for the dermatology practice, and also its retail product line, which is sold on HSN. “People think a peel is a big production but it’s not, so we wanted to make it available in a location where you are in and out in less than 10 minutes. There’s no waiting in the doctors office, which can also be a deterrent.”

Stay tuned for announcements on where the pop-up will travel next!

SAKS Peel 001 SAKS Peel 002