Indie Brands Are Our Future

As a key sponsor of the 2012 FiFi® “Indie” Awards ceremony, RPG believes in supporting and developing the leaders of tomorrow. The indie category is one close to our hearts and a concept we have supported throughout our history.

Twenty-one years ago, when I started The Royal Promotion Group, now known as RPG, we were considered a small Indie company. Innovative, creative and willing to do anything to succeed, we plowed forward with excitement and passion. Now, today with offices and manufacturing facilities spread through North America, Canada and Asia, we are a true leader employing several hundred people globally. Our original core values are ones we have never let go of.

As a company that designs, develops and manufactures displays, fixtures and retail environments, we have made it a practice and commitment to help foster Indie brands.

When we were starting out, I was told I had a phone call from Bobbi Brown. I immediately thought, “why would Bobby Brown” the singer be calling me. I anxiously took the call. Only to find out, it was not the Bobby Brown I thought it was. First of all, it was a woman; second of all she was making lipsticks in her garage not making record albums. She wanted to sell her eight perfect shades of lipstick to Bergdorf Goodman. They would not entertain the thought unless she had a retail presence and a display to set them on. So at their recommendation, Bobbi called us…we all know the rest is history.

We have had the privilege to be involved with a variety of small, unknown indie start up brands. Some of them you may be familiar with: Stila, Philosophy, Smashbox, Bliss, Carols Daughter, Deborah Lippmann, Burt’s Bees and Clarisonic just to name a few.

I remember driving a van to Bloomingdales at 3am in the morning to set up displays for Donna Karan’s first fragrance. The feeling that we could accomplish anything was a driving force. The excitement of being new, small, innovative and creative opens the door for a world of possibilities and growth.

We have prided ourselves on helping to build and pioneer numerous indie brands in many categories. Today’s indie brands are clearly tomorrow’s mega brands! I congratulate all of you dreamers for taking the leap of faith and creating something that you hold very close to your heart. Keep it moving, it is not only welcomed in our industry but a true necessity.

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