Christian Louboutin Steps into Beauty

RPG is proud to be a part of the biggest news in beauty this past summer. In case you have not heard, Christian Louboutin has taken his first steps into the beauty business with the launch of a range of signature nail polishes. The star of the lineup is no doubt, the red nail enamel, Rouge Louboutin. The bottle has strong architectural aspects with a strikingly tall spiked cap and a luxurious crystal faceted handmade glass bottle.

RPG was responsible for bringing the vision of the Paris team to life by manufacturing in-store retail displays launched globally, window displays in the 15 domestic boutiques and Saks Fifth Avenue and a custom gondola in select Sephora stores. The visual merchandising for the launch is equally glamorous and inspired by an imaginary grand city called Loubiville.

The in-store display developed and produced by RPG is a three-tiered tower made from cast resin, MDF and urethane foam. A glorified Christian Louboutin ballerina shoe with a 6” stiletto heel shares the top platform with the Rouge Louboutin. Brass enhancements, an embossed metal plaque and a built-in storage cabinet enhance this striking design that provides a impressive home for the 30 additional shades in three color families.

The Loubiville concept takes a larger footprint in the boutique windows. Each window showcases a fictional city of unique forms that are inspired by ziggurats, spires, minarets and secret passageways. Light and motion further enhance the experience and bring whimsy and a dramatic stage for the launch of this stunning product.

Christian Louboutin Tower beauty Floorstand  - Retail Displays by RPG